Supplier Requirements

In order for Torco to comply with AS9100 D and IATF 16949:2016, we request that all our external providers (suppliers) be aware of and implement these requirements as applicable.

External Providers Communication / Acknowledgement

  • Adhere to all our Design & Development Control requests through ISO 9001 Design Disciplines
  • Please note the Products & Services to be performed as detailed in Purchase Order
  • Methods and Processes Indicated on Purchase Orders are to be followed Implicitly
  • Competence of Personnel Performing the Task to be Ascertained before start of the Job
  • Adhere to Special Requirements, Critical Items, or Key Characteristics or Drawings supplied with TORCO’s Purchase Order
  • Perform all applicable Tests, Inspections & Verifications
  • Use of applicable Statistical Techniques for product acceptance and related instructions
  • Implementation of QMS/ISO 9001 Certification maintenance
  • Use of Customer Designated or Approved Provider as applicable
  • Obtain approval from TORCO on any Nonconformities requiring concession/deviation in a timely manner. No repairs permitted for Aerospace Items
  • Strictly Prevent use of counterfeit parts
  • Communicate all significant Changes to Processes/Products/Services to TORCO
  • Ensure understanding of TORCO’s Flow down of Customer requirements and communicated to your suppliers as needed
  • Provide Test Specimens for Evaluation as needed for further Inspection or Audit
  • Retain Documented information for all items specified in this document
  • Retain Documented information on Process Validation and Revalidation from Torco
  • Allow TORCO, its Customers and Regulatory authorities for visits and documented information review
  • Performance Ratings will be determined Quarterly. Order may be withdrawn if Performance rating is below Acceptable levels
  • Ensure that all your employees are aware of: (a) Product/Service conformity requirements (b) Competence Requirements (c) Product Safety requirements (d) Importance of Ethical behavior
  • Second Party Audits will be performed with prior notice to ensure all above are being followed.

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