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Torco specializes in customer designed and specified, precision components, delivering everything from simple pins to complex multi-operation parts. We have recently added laser cutting and value-added assembly.


CNC & EDM Machining

Utilizing CNC technology, multi-axis (including 5 axis) turning and milling, Torco produces products with unparalleled precision, on time, and to customer specifications. The combined capabilities of Horizontal machining, sub-spindle turning centers with live tooling, vertical mills with 4th axis rotary indexing tables, and Wire EDM capability allows Torco to meet today’s complex, tight tolerance product demands throughout numerous industries.


Screw Machine Products

Torco specializes in customer designed and specified, precision-turned components machined from multi-spindle screw machines, delivering everything from simple pins to complex multi-operation parts. Capabilities include tapping, threading, broaching and back finishing for complete single handling operations along with part drop offs to keep a competitive cost edge in today’s market. Ranging from .090” diameter to 3.00” and lengths up to 10 inches, our screw machine product line can meet a wide range of customer requirements.


Value Added Assembly

Parts of all types are the core of Torco’s business, and the basis for our reputation, but we don’t just know how to make parts. We also know how to put them together to ensure high quality and efficiency. Please think of Torco for your electro-mechanical assembly along with any parts you require.


Laser Cutting

We perform high-speed, high-accuracy laser cutting for many different applications. Our Mazak equipment is capable of cutting thin to thick flat worksheets, cubic workpieces in addition to pipe and structural materials.


Broaching & Thread Rolling

Torco has the production broaching and thread rolling equipment with tooling capable to perform high-volume production work. We can create complex forms using modular tooling and multi-staged operations.


Precision Grinding

Torco will meet your engineered specifications and deliver the precision surface finishes you require. Micro-finishing and micron measurements are standard practice for our customer demands.

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